• MAGFED / PUMP Paintball event from player for player on greek AIGINA island
  • MAGFED / PUMP Paintball event from player for player on greek AIGINA island

Welcome to OPERATION HADES on the Greek Island Aegina !

26.05.2023 - 28.05.2022

50% of tickets SOLD


08.01.2023 until 05.02.2023

This is a Mission Based MAGFED/PUMP Scenario Paintball event.

Due to local restrictions 68cal. FIELD PAINT ONLY allowed for all players. No drones, no smokes or flashbang.

We are going to play in a old WWII area with old bunkers, buildings and a huge wild military field with wild cactus areas, thick wild bush.

This Area is still military ground, that is the reason why special rules are applied.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, event date local Greek regulations apply.

Game times:

Friday: Commander Briefing : 12:00 - 12:45 CET+1

Friday: Start: 13:00 CET+1

Saturday: Mini Games Start 09:00 CET+1

Satuarday: Scenario Start 11:00 CET+1 due to Ferry arriving times from ATHENS

Sunday: Start 10:00 CET+1 to approx. 16:00 CET+1, site clearing and closing until 18:00 CET+1

Game Mechanics:

Missions lead to points, we are using the ARES ALPHA System to count points and we have for special mission our referees ingame to count achieved extra points.

Heavy, rough terrain, very demanding missions with extreme weather conditions, multiple missions where the commander has to decide how to use his resources.

Hit Rules & medical treatment, command structure, value cards mission map Geographical game map

More details in the Players Pack

Game roles:

We have 2 factions the TITANS and the OLYMPIANS

General: Leads a faction with multiple squads with radio operators

Squad Leads: Leads multiple fire teams with radio operator

Fire Team Lead: Lead a team of up to 6 players, all have radios or dispatch runner is defined

A Fire Team has the following roles, which are described in more detail in the Players Pack:

  • Medic basic equipment, ability to "heal" injured
  • Engineer basic equipment, possibility to "build" and use Items
  • Sniper Sniper using FS and has a FPS bonus against the other player, special equipment required, max 1 sniper per fire team
  • Gunner basic equipment

More details in the Players Pack





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